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"A painter works with color as a medium, a photographer works with light" - Carlotta M. Corpron

Your wedding should be the most memorable event in your lives. Photography plays a role in not only documenting your precious day but most importantly capturing the spirit, emotions and love that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Most Indian in Malaysia request three vital events for actual day photography services – The Engagement, The Wedding and The Reception.  

In Malaysian Indian weddings, brides and grooms spend months (some years) and a reasonable amount of money to invest in their wedding – may it be the wedding ring, jewelry, hall decorations, car decorations, bridal makeup services, choosing the right saree, wedding ceremony necessities, emcees, and entertainers, - the list goes on.

Thus, choosing the right professional photographer comes into utmost important decision as when the cake is eaten, the wine has been drunk, and the flowers gone, only photographs remain to remind you of your wedding day.     

Clients have many a times been puzzled on what style of wedding photography should best capture their perfect wedding day. 

There are several styles of wedding photography available today, namely Traditional Photography, Candid Photography and Photojournalistic Photography. The most popular being candid.

The idea of photo journalism is embedded in the name itself. Photo journalism is an approached based on truthful documentation: telling a story of the wedding through the use of photographs. Commonly unposed photos, many in which the subjects don’t know they are being photographed, and includes images of places and things to vividly capture the setting and atmosphere. The exact list of shots happens spontaneously.

A strict photo journalistic approach to weddings means that nothing is posed or set-up, there is no prepare shot list and if something is missed, it is gone. With this approach, the photographer is an artist who creates a beautiful and memorable set of photographs with which to remember your wedding.

Candid photos are not snapshots. Each candid photo has a meaning and is based on the photographer’s vision. While true snapshots are usually limited to frontal facial expressions of people who know they are being photographed, candid are based on a whole variety of photographic techniques,  - photos can be taken from creative angles or with artistic techniques. The sequence of images are presented tells a story.

You might feel that different aspect of the wedding day best captured in either traditional or journalistic methods, but you want more tailored approach. The ceremony and reception are filled with emotion and are live events which unfold naturally, and the journalistic approach is a wonderful way to capture the feelings of those parts of the day.

However, Malaysian Indian weddings are usually attended by many close relatives, friends and well wishers where memorable portraits and group photos play an important role to preserve the precious memories of the day.

You might want a photographer who can work magic with lighting and posing for a formal photo session.

We’re been on wedding assignments for quite some time now and have been able to explore the many possibilities to achieve the desired results for our clients. MyFoto Studio experienced and contemporary photographers are equally comfortable in all three styles.

We usually advise couples to choose a combination of style. Our product for wedding photography packages include a variation of custom made storybook magazine albums, classic 4R photo albums, enlarged prints to be displayed in albums or in photo frames and digital files in DVD.    





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